People tend to feel loyal to managers and companies who support them in their career and life ambitions.   They feel seen, appreciated, and on purpose.
Our featured article, by Harvard Business Review author Kristi Hedges, outlines 5 areas of questioning to develop that appreciation. Question like ‘What are you good at?’ and ‘What do you enjoy?’ point people  to where they are using their Strengths.  For example, if you have the Strength of Communication, you might enjoy public speaking or writing.  Other questions ask, ‘What feels most useful?’, ‘How do you create a sense of momentum?’ and ‘How do you relate to others?’
Try answering these questions for yourself, and see if it helps you reframe your current experience.   We want you to love what you do.

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Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton:

Great Leaders Have a Higher Purpose

by Phil Laboon

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup and bestselling author of Born to Build and The Coming Jobs War and It’s The Manager.

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