Monthly Archives: May 2020

BCAMA Workshop

Hello, we hope you and your loved ones are well. Covid-19 has jolted many of us. People are re-evaluating career paths, juggling multiple responsibilities and leading others through change. Leaning into your strengths provides stability and guidance to navigate the... Read More

Introducing our Family Lockdown Games Night Workshop!

Are you in lockdown with your family? Yes, we love our families. But being in lockdown together can bring out the best and the worst of us. It can be hard navigating a shared space 24/7 while trying to move... Read More

Richard Branson didn’t understand the difference between 2 business terms

Richard Branson admits he didn’t know the difference between the terms ‘net profit’ and ‘gross profit, but he knew himself well enough to align with an accountant who did. Dyslexia, the condition that hindered his accounting skills, helped him think... Read More