We hope you are well and will have some time off to relax during the holiday season.

Stephanie was asked to write a new article for Unibuddy, a platform that provides ways for prospective students to connect with students currently attending the colleges and universities they are interested in.

We are delighted to share the article with you, and while you are relaxing, you might want to check in for your ikigai using the techniques described in the article.

We are grateful for your support, and look forward to connecting in 2022.

Louann and Stephanie

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Featured Article: Helping Students find their Ikigai

by tephanie Koonar, Unibuddy.com

Working in higher education is extremely rewarding–you know this to be true.

Whether you’re involved in recruiting, registering students, or teaching them once they arrive, you play an important role in their higher ed journey.

It’s an important role because it ultimately leads them to their career journey. But how many students are well-prepared for this transition? Read more.