Corporate High Performing Team Program

Corporate High Performing Team Program

High Performing Team Program

The app-supported program creates a sustainable culture shift in your team, offering thoroughly designed and tested productivity and conversation tools. It improves performance and collaboration, reduces unproductive conflict, boosts engagement and supports personal and professional growth of each team member.

Start with the CliftonStrengths Assessment

The program begins with all participants taking the CliftonStrengths assessment to identify their Top 5 Strengths – the ways they naturally think, feel and behave.

95% of past participants agreed that the program helped them to raise self-awareness and be more conscious of their own behaviour.


Participate in Interactive Team Workshops

In person or via zoom, team members are introduced to 5 New Habits: Aim, Reflect, High5 CoffeeSyncs and Progress Huddles through engaging activities and building trust and collaboration.

85% of past participants agreed that the program helped them to increase trust between team members.


Learn on our
Digital Platform

The journey is made easier with our learning management platform that includes prompts, micro learnings, activities and nudges. The platform allows leaders and participants to quickly see each other’s Strengths.

95% of past participants agreed that the program helped them to be more productive and focused.

Alice Wong – High Performing Program Team Lead
Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Limited

“After learning about PeerSpectives Consulting and the e2grow High Performing Team Program based on Gallup Clifton Strengths, I know I would want to use this as a way to bring collaboration, teamwork and communication skills to the marketing team I manage whereby we are mostly working remotely from home.

Strengths assessment, 1:1 coaching, 4 workshops and a software platform that helps ensure we recognize and utilize our op strengths during our day to day work and allows us to better work as a team. This program provides our team with a foundation to learn how to praise and provide team recognition, and how to conduct difficult conversations, all in a few months.

Thanks Louann and Stephanie for your dedication to helping our team grow”.

Fifth Avenue Participants

“With the High 5’s and the acknowledgements I feel like I’m on the right I’m super grateful for the increase in confidence”. ~ Gellie

“It really brought us together. It helped us all understand what our goals are and what we can do as a team”. ~ Mitchell H

“Before….I wasn’t aware of what my key strengths were. And now that I am aware, it not only makes sense of a lot of the things that I do, and I can actually have a clear path to becoming more mature and more conscious.” ~ Mary S

Kyle Sigouin – High Performing Program Team Lead, Business Operations Manager
First Onsite


“My main goal in this program was to have the team learn about themselves so they can better serve our customers both internally and externally, this will assist them in making strong changes towards working better together. I believe these sessions gave each team member perspective into what they do without thinking about it good and bad and provide them tools to understand why things happen the way they do. The high 5 is a great reminder that we all like praise even if we like it only a certain way and this should remind everyone that so do our peers in our team.”

First Onsite Participants

“I definitely use my strengths and have noticed them being used a lot more. I can see as a team we all are trying to figure out how each one of us works and I think just with that we have started to work better as a team. I took away that as a team we all can turn our talents into strengths which will help us work better together.” ~ Kendra O

“Gave me a better understanding of myself, my habits & my traits which informed me on how to handle others and my own workflows and a work/life balances. Relator also helps as when I relate to an Insured I find the project goes much smoother and the Insured is much happier.” ~ Derkan W

“Learn how to work with each other using our own strengths and weaknesses along with learning how to interact with others and their strengths and weaknesses.” ~ Tim H

“Personally, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my colleagues throughout this journey. The HPT workshops encouraged me to learn more about myself. Why I do things/think a certain way in life, and especially my work life. I’ve learned that my team members are all driven differently and commonly most have the same traits. Being different from the others isn’t a bad thing and that we all have roughly the same goal but just different ways of getting there. Positive feedback and reinforcement is important to team development and growth. Everyone takes compliments differently and that it’s nice to know how to give or deliver certain compliments to certain individuals. Steps I’ve taken to become better. I’ve learned that getting into a better flow really helped. Especially what triggers to avoid and obtain to be in flow. Becoming a better colleague, knowing how to communicate or knowing how my colleagues are really helps”. ~ Andy T