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Me-Strengths and We-Strengths

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use our strengths to benefit our team at work? The ADP Research Institute finds the single best predictor of a team’s productivity is whether each team member agrees with the statement: “I... Read More

Stop Trying to Make Your Employees Happy. Start Thinking About Their Fulfillment Instead.

We hope you are well and are ready for the weekend! Our featured article suggests that employees need opportunities to feel fulfilled, rather than feeling happy. We found this idea intriguing. Happiness is described by psychologists as temporary state, whereas... Read More

Job crafting! Redesigning a job you hate into one you like

Know someone who is unhappy at work but is wary of quitting or changing jobs? We found something that may help. The concept is to modify or ‘craft’ your job into one that brings out your best so that you... Read More

Can you Collaborate with People You Don’t Like?

Let’s face it there are times when we have to work with some we think we don’t like. It can be very draining and an unproductive situation. Not to forget the hours of thinking about it! But what is really... Read More

Leading Change from the Middle of the Organization

We found an inspiring article, Leading Change from the Middle, in which Dr. Grant writes about the tug of war between those who want change and those who don’t. When change meets conflict, there is temptation to force the change... Read More

Superstar Middle Managers

Ever worked with a great manager? The latest research from Gallup show that the quality of managers is the single biggest factor in an organization’s long-term success. Companies with great managers have higher employee engagement, make more money, retain valuable... Read More