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Playing to Your Strengths

This category features our blog posts focusing on personal development and playing to your Strengths.

Helping Gen Z Thrive

Every day we research ways to help people achieve success in their lives. Sometimes what we find makes us pause. Generation Z (ages 13-23) faces unprecedented uncertainty, elevated stress, and some are reporting symptoms of depression. This is one of... Read More

Aim your Strengths at your purpose and add more joy to your life!

Ever wonder what it would take to bring more purpose and joy to your life and career? Our featured article, a cover story from Harvard Business Review, states, “A higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. It reflects something more... Read More

How to Motivate Yourself to Get Out of Bed

Nearly 2000 years ago, work for the vast majority wasn’t a source of purpose or meaning but meant hard labour in return for a basic sustenance. Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius (born in the year 121) wrote Meditations,... Read More

Why Don’t Women Self-Promote as Much as Men?

Harvard-based research from our featured article describes how women systematically provided less favourable assessments of their past performance and potential future ability than equally performing men, regardless of their confidence level or incentive to self-promote. We understand. Self-promotion sometimes feels... Read More

Good Vibes are Contagious!

Good vibes are contagious; that’s easy to understand. Did you know that motivation is contagious, too? A 2017 study from Northwestern University showed that sitting within 25 feet of a high performer at work improved an employee’s performance by 15... Read More

Loving what you do builds resilience

Has Covid 19 caused you to feel like you are in a turbulent situation where you have lost your momentum? The experience of ‘turbulence’ is to be expected, but what is most important is your ability to recover. Resilience is... Read More