Empowering Purpose-Driven
Individuals and Organizations
to be their Best

For Individuals and Families

Want to move your performance to the next level? Knowing your Top 5 Strengths and one-on-one coaching will help you understand your natural talents so you can “play to your Strengths.”

For Individuals
For Families
For Corporate Teams

Be the Manager everyone wants to work with! At our team building workshops, participants gain insights into their own Strengths and appreciate the Strengths of others, improving success.

Corporate Team Services
For Higher Education

Those working in education prepare students to achieve their potential. When students know their Strengths, they can effectively articulate the value they bring to an organization.

Higher Education Services

We understand that everyone has different Strengths and that we each see the world through our own “lens.” Appreciating your unique perspective and those of others has been shown to result in improved performance, increased engagement, and joy.

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People Love Our Workshops

Dylan ShellengbergLinda DeRuiterDee UnalTrina Nothman Nav Bains
"Great to see some of the strengths of my coworkers – some surprises and some easy guesses.”
Dylan Shellengberg
Registrar Office, Langara College
“Loved it! More people should do this !”
Linda DeRuiter
BCAMA Board Director
Found our workshop really helpful. Thank you for taking the time.
Dee Unal
Love sharing the "Best of us."
Trina Nothman
President BCAMA
Amazing ! I would love to bring you to my other boards.
Nav Bains
Director BCAMA