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When you haven’t job hunted for years

When you haven’t job hunted for years, you may feel your confidence wavering, but you know you have to do something. You are not alone. HR service provider Morneau Shepell reports that 24% of Canadians surveyed said the Covid-19 pandemic... Read More

Teens are facing a lot during Covid 19 – so we were asked to develop a Strengths workshop for them!

We know that teens are facing a lot of stress during Covid 19. One caring parent asked us to create an online workshop for young women that is built on having them understand their strengths, interests and values and self-reflection... Read More

What will College Be Like in the Fall?

For many of us parents, students and educators this is a key question on our minds. For post-secondary students living in residence, get-togethers with friends and late nights at the library are as important as the studies. However, if students... Read More