How influential is a good manager?

In fact, the employee experience begins and ends with the manager.

So what is behind the high number of people quitting or looking to leave their jobs? Gallup’s research shows that those most likely to be looking to change jobs are just not engaged in their work.

What if work was more engaging?

After studying more than one million managers across 100,000 organizations, Gallup found that managers — more than any other factor — influence team engagement and performance.

In fact, 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.

Great managers aren’t great managers because they all manage the same way. They are great because they manage their way. Managers that first understand their strengths and then the strengths of their team members can improve engagement and increase retention of key employees. As Certified Gallup Strengths Coaches, we work with Managers to help them understand how they can use their strengths to lead and engage their team.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be “the manager that everyone wants to work with”, simply send us an email. We will email key resources to help you and your team work better together and increase engagement.

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Featured Article: How influential is a good manager?

by Austin Suellentrop and E. Beth Bauman, Gallup

The employee experience begins and ends with the manager.

To be more exact, an employee’s conversations with their manager define their employee experience. A damaging conversation with their manager can be the flame that sets fire to that person’s entire employee experience.

But the opposite is just as true. Effective and personal conversations engage employees, keep them excited about their job, and improve their performance and wellbeing. Read more.