The workshop was extremely helpful in understanding my own strengths and strengths of the team. Helpful in working with each individual to capitalize on their potential.

~ Phuoi-Linh To, Program Manager, Langara College

Great to see some of the strengths of my coworkers – some surprises and some easy guesses.

~ Dylan Shellengberg, Registrar Office, Langara College

I really loved the format, the openness to discussion, sharing with each other.
Thank you both so much.

~ University Women’s Club Participant

Thank you ! Great experience and learning.

~ Oren Lupo, Coordinator Supply Chain Management

2 hours flew by, good mix of activities/sharing and info being shared via lecture.

~ Participant

Very informative and enlightening.

~ University Women’s Club Participant

More informed of others’ positions and place of operation as well as my own in relation to them.

~ Participant

Interactive components are much appreciated because learning about each other is awesome!

~ University Women’s Club Attendee

Doing the Strength Assessment was good, but accompanying it with the workshop is a necessity to access what it all means! Great activities to drill down into the content.

~ Participant

I like how the activities in the workshop are done in small groups. If you are not comfortable sharing with the entire group you are still able to share with 1-2 individuals and bounce realizations off each other.

~ Participant

I found the assessment fairly accurate, but even if it wasn’t, the simple exercise of understanding we are all unique in different ways should facilitate collaboration.

~ Participant

Great workshop! I I especially enjoyed the activities and learning about my teams’ strengths too.

~ University Women’s Club Participant

Found our workshop really helpful. Thank you for taking the time.

~ Dee Unal Matchbox

Love sharing the “Best of us.”

~ Trina Nothman, President BCAMA

Great exercises to help understand my own Strengths and others I work with.

~ Virginia MacKay, Director BCAMA

Amazing ! I would love to bring you to my other boards.

~ Nav Bains, Director BCAMA

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