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February 22, 2022

Does it feel like everyone is quitting their job these days? There is a lot of discussion on the “Great Resignation” backed up with statistics indicating that many are leaving their jobs due to overwork and burnout.

Proven Steps to Land Your Dream Job

Jan 22-29, 2022

CAASA Career Showcase

4 Quick Questions to Cure Your Career Confusion

Fall 2021

Canadian College and University Fair (CCUF)

4 Key Career Questions to ask your kids

Fall 2021

Canadian College and University Fair (CCUF)

Young Money with Tracey Bissett PODCAST

9 December 2021

Listen as Stephanie Koonar shares with Tracey Bissett the importance of finding ” your reason for being”—or ikigai—in order to live a more purpose-driven and fulfilled life. Stephanie shares her advice for building practical skills, as well as growing your network so you can broaden your knowledge.

Helping students find their ikigai

9 December 2021

Working in higher education is extremely rewarding–you know this to be true.

Whether you’re involved in recruiting, registering students, or teaching them once they arrive, you play an important role in their higher ed journey.

It’s an important role because it ultimately leads them to their career journey. But how many students are well-prepared for this transition?

Encouraging persistence: the benefits of the uni-community

22 November 2021

This year’s incoming students had a very different experience from that of students past who applied, enrolled, and arrived on your campus. You know well the challenges that they faced and the commitment and resilience that they portrayed to achieve this remarkable feat.

The question now is, how can you support their persistence? And how can you encourage them to receive the maximum value from their unique higher education journey?

Job, Career, Calling: Which Leads to Happiness?

September 23, 2021

Shawn Achor in his book, The Happiness Advantage, refers to the research of Yale psychologist Amy Wrzeniewski where she found that employees can have three “work orientations:” We can see our work as a Job, Career or Calling.

12 Ways to Gain Practical Skills Employers are Seeking

September 23, 2021

No matter your field, all employers are looking for employees with strong, practical skills, like problem solving and communication.