There is a lot on the shoulders for a manager, even a good manager.

Facebook’s People Analytics group looked at the differences between those who stayed and left the company, even though all had good managers.

Facebook found that those who stayed on the job used their Strengths 33% more often than those who left. In addition, their managers knew their employees’ Strengths, and were willing to make changes or assign different work that played to their Strengths.

We use CliftonStrengths to help managers and individuals understand how they operate, leading to improved productivity and fulfillment.

We are on a mission to make work-life as fulfilling as possible!

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Why People Really Quit Their Jobs

by Lori Goler, Janelle Gale, Brynn Harrington, Adam Grant

People don’t quit a job, the saying goes — they quit a boss. We’ve heard it so many times that when we started tracking why employees leave Facebook, all bets were on managers. But our engagement survey results told a different story: When we wanted to keep people and they left anyway, it wasn’t because of their manager… at least not in the way we expected.

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