Career Coaching: Moving Your Career Forward

Career Coaching: Moving Your Career Forward

Research suggests that happiness can be fleeting but having purpose and meaning in your career leads to satisfaction that lasts. We have a 4-session Career Coaching Bundle to help you get there.

Session 1 – Where are you now?

Begin by completing the online Gallup Strengths assessment to determine your Top 5 Strengths.

We will review the report and dive deep to see how Strengths have been showing up so far.

Career Coaching Session Bundle 2

Session 2 – Where do you want to go?

In this session together we will explore where do you want to go?

We’ll evaluate different roles, careers and industries where you can lean into your Strengths.


Session 3 - Setting the Plan

In this session you will set a plan to aim your Strengths to pull your career forward.

Session 4 – Implementing the Plan

In this session your coach will support you as you implement the steps of your
plan to achieve your goals – a new job, a career pivot, or embarking on further education.

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Stephanie Koonar
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