Nearly 2000 years ago, work for the vast majority wasn’t a source of purpose or meaning but meant hard labour in return for a basic sustenance. Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius (born in the year 121) wrote Meditations, an epic book about living life fully.

Aurelius claimed that our natural path to happiness is to live a life of service, working and treating others fairly, and resistance to that was a negation of our nature and a failure of self-love.

Fast forward to now, and people are craving to understand their purpose within the context of their work. Younger generations actively seek to work for employers with a social conscience and purpose. For those who feel that their work lacks purpose, engagement is low, and life feels dull.

It takes self-reflection, knowledge of self, and seeing life from many PeerSpectives to uncover a sense of purpose. Our Chart Your Future Coaching Sessions for young people, aged 15-24 years of age, are designed to guide them to explore their strengths, values and interests so they can discover their purpose and how to connect that to a meaningful career.

We believe that when people understand their purpose, their life is filled with moments of ‘flow’, and work becomes meaningful and something to look forward to.

If you know of a young person struggling with career confusion, consider passing on this email to them.

We look forward to providing inspiration.

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Marcus Aurelius on How to Motivate Yourself to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

“If we design workplaces that permit people to find meaning in their work, we will be designing a human nature that values work,” psychologist Barry Schwartz wrote in his inquiry into what motivates us to work. But human nature itself is a moody beast.