We hope you are keeping well and safe. The pandemic has brought many changes and has especially affected those involved in education – either teaching or learning. It has required us to look for new ways to connect and support each other – to help each other persist and carry on.

Stephanie was asked to write an article for Unibuddy – a platform that provides ways for prospective students to connect with students currently attending the colleges and universities they are interested in. We are delighted to share the article with you.

We are grateful for your support, and look forward to connecting.

Louann and Stephanie

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Featured Article: Encouraging persistence: the benefits of the uni-community

by tephanie Koonar, Unibuddy.com

At one point or another, most professionals face a crossroads in their career. Whether they simply want to change jobs, pursue a different career path or still don’t know what their true calling in life is, there are a lot of questions a person can ask themselves before choosing a direction. Read more.