Every day we research ways to help people achieve success in their lives. Sometimes what we find makes us pause.

Generation Z (ages 13-23) faces unprecedented uncertainty, elevated stress, and some are reporting symptoms of depression. This is one of the key findings of the Stress in America 2020 Survey from the American Psychological Association.

The survey shows that Gen Z young adults report stress scores rising every year, with their scores being significantly higher than all other generations.

We have an opportunity to change this trend!

Please join us on our mission to help our Gen Z young people thrive. If you know of a Gen Z young person, take a moment to consider ways to be a positive influence for them.

Parents and caregivers can help by modelling their own self-care, investing in their personal development, and celebrating Gen Z’s achievements in innovative ways.

Employers can help by investing in professional and personal development for young employees. As a fellow employee, consider taking a bit of time in your day to reach out to a Gen Z colleague.

Our Chart Your Future Coaching bundle helps Gen Z’s understand their inherent value, dream big, and develop a career exploration plan. Consider sponsoring someone to help them thrive.

We are all in this together!

PeerSpectively yours,

Louann and Stephanie


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