Coaching can sometimes seem like mysterious work. In our featured article, Researcher Sally Bonnwell reveals how coaching helps clients both personally and professionally.

According to Ms. Bonnwell’s research, coaching builds:

  • improved self-awareness and insight into one’s impact on others
  • increased self-confidence and a decrease in limiting beliefs
  • increased knowledge of oneself, leading to becoming a better leader

Coaching also improves relationships with others; in particular, coaching helps people:

  • improve their leadership style
  • develop better relationships with other managers at work
  • become less fearful about dealing with conflict

Of course, not everyone’s experience of coaching will be the same.

In our experience, coaching works by helping clients first understand their natural genius and super-powers. Next, clients see how their personal qualities have made them successful in the past and begin to plan a future that plays to their strengths. As a result, many of our clients have achieved better, higher-paying work, arguably due to leaning into their newfound abilities, showing up with increased confidence and taking the steps to pull their careers forward.

If this investment in your own professional development sounds of interest, please feel free to contact us. We have a 3-Session Coaching Bundle that is getting rave reviews.

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Coaching Client Testimonials

After every session I always came away with having more insights and perspective on my strengths and opportunities for career growth. With Stephanie’s guidance, I have confidently been able to tackle challenging situations armed with the knowledge I have about my strengths and come out ahead.” ~ Allison P.

Louann helped me recognize my strengths on a deeper level and truly understand how they can better serve others. As a result, it is a confidence booster that gives you a healthy level of self-awareness and the ability to dial up or dial down your strengths at the appropriate times (e.g., when working with certain people, groups, or audiences).” ~ Tim V.

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Featured Article: How Does Coaching Actually Help Leaders

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