Ever wonder what it would take to bring more purpose and joy to your life and career?

Our featured article, a cover story from Harvard Business Review, states, “A higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. It reflects something more aspirational. It explains how the people involved with an organization are making a difference, gives them a sense of meaning, and draws their support.”

Some of the key steps in the article include:

  • Turning mid-level managers into purpose-driven leaders
  • Connecting people to purpose
  • Stimulating individual learning
  • Unleashing positive energizers

People that feel inspired and are living their purpose live more meaningful lives. One of our first workshops focused on ‘Finding Your Purpose.’ Since then, we have offered our purpose-finding workshop to teens, post-secondary students, business leaders, non-profit board members, and families.

Knowing your Strengths and how to leverage them towards accomplishing your purpose brings you energy and fulfillment.

We are offering a virtual Strengths-based workshop in partnership with the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association on Wednesday, November 25th, from 6:30 pm – 8:00 p.m. We will guide participants to uncover their Strengths to move their careers forward more purposefully and to intentionally add more joy and happiness to each day.

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Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization

by Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor, HBR

When Gerry Anderson first became the president of DTE Energy, he did not believe in the power of higher organizational purpose.

We’re not talking about having a clear mission that focuses largely on how a business will generate economic value. DTE had one that set out the goal of creating long-term gains for shareholders, and Anderson understood its importance.