Louann from PeerSpectives here, I wanted to share a personal story.

I lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, along with 3 school-aged kids and a husband with a busy job. After the hurricane forced us out of New Orleans, we found a temporary home in a College dorm apartment, enrolled the kids in new schools, and moved the business to an office within a funeral home. I lost my teaching job and volunteered at shelter for hurricane refugees. It was a crazy time, just as the next few months may be for all of us.

I wish I had known my Top 5 Strengths then. It would have helped me to feel really solid about who I was and how I could contribute. It would have helped me quickly create opportunities, comfort others, and kept things moving along. Upon reflection though, my strengths came to the forefront.

Now all of us are facing a few months of craziness. For those of you who know your Top 5 Strengths, how might you use your Strengths to help you and the people in your life?

For me, I’m using my Connectedness Strength to helping others get some balance back into their life. I’ve been checking in with my family, coaching, and helping people stay balanced. It energizes me to do that.

Stephanie has been using her Positivity and Communication Strengths to reach out to friends, colleagues and to her current and past students during this time.

Stay well! We would love to hear from you.

Louann, with valued input from Stephanie
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