Are you in lockdown with your partner? Is your dining room table the new office?

We understand!

To make lockdown or quarantine the best possible experience, we suggest looking at your partner through the lens of their strengths.

Let’s say your partner leads with the Strength of Focus. Their Focus Strength allows them to easily set priorities and take a clear uninterrupted course of action.

Therefore, someone with this Focus Strength needs interrupted time to work and freedom to work independently. If the workspace is now the dining room table then imagine what might happen! When we look using our strength lens we can see that this might lead to someone being understandably frustrated when they can’t be at their best.

If you don’t know your partner’s Strengths, then consider gifting them (and you!) with a Strengths Assessment. Click here to purchase.

Then, let us know your Top 5 Strengths and we will email you both a customized list of what your Strengths both contribute and need to succeed.

We look forward to providing inspiration.

Stephanie and Louann 
P.S. You and your loved ones can take the Clifton Strengths Assessment from home. Click here to purchase.

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In lockdown with your partner?
Here’s how healthy couples survive.

by Julie Gottman, The Washington Post

Life has been no party lately. Coronavirus has shattered our routines, pitched our economy into free fall and left us stunned. We’ve been stripped of our social safety nets, those customary conversations with neighbors, friends and family. We’re isolated and split off from each other like fish from water.