Managers often over-rate their abilities to lead conversations around employee performance. Does that surprise you?

A Harvard Business Review article by Herminia Ibarra and Anne Scoular helps unpack what it takes to be less ‘tell and sell’ and more coach-like. Conversations are more effective when the manager doesn’t try and sell what he/she has already decided.

Focussing on each other’s strengths and accomplishments are vital to bringing out the best in each other. The more you know about your colleague’s strengths, the more likely you will have conversations that inspire.

We are committed to your success! Consider taking a deeper dive into understanding your strengths – a small change can yield tremendous results.

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The Leader As Coach

by Herminia Ibarra and Anne Scoular, Harvard Business Review

Once upon a time, most people began successful careers by developing expertise in a technical, functional, or professional domain. Doing your job well meant having the right answers. If you could prove yourself that way, you’d rise up the ladder and eventually move into people management—at which point you had to ensure that your subordinates had those same answers.