We hope you are well and safe during this time. There are many changes to the way we work, and if we are lucky we may have the opportunity to work from home.

As a manager or as part of a remote team, staying connected can be difficult.

Acts of appreciation to your colleagues helps build a productive and happy team. However, delivered the wrong way, good intentions can backfire.

It pays to know your own and your team members’ strengths! Those with the Strength of Individualization naturally see the uniqueness of each person, and easily customize acts of appreciation for each person. Those same people, when receiving praise, will value something that speaks to their uniqueness. They won’t care for a cookie-cutter approach.

We are looking for an organization to pilot our new eHigh Performance Team program for Managers of Remote Teams. The program brings out the best in each team member through small behavioural changes to achieve the impact you desire. Appreciation is a key element of the program, and the use of technology and gamification are used to build new habits.

Consider partnering with us to stay connected to your team and build a stronger team.

We would love to talk with you to see if the eHPT program would be a fit. Please email us at info@peerspectives.ca

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The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

by Kerry Roberts Gibson, Kate O’Leary and Joseph R Weintraub, Harvard Business Review

Imagine this scenario: An employee named Rowen arrives at work on his 10-year anniversary and finds a gift card with a sticky note on his desk. The note is from his manager, acknowledging his anniversary. Realizing it didn’t even include a thank-you or a congratulations, Rowen rolls his eyes. .