With remote work and Covid-19 restrictions, it’s easy to imagine that some employees are feeling less connected to their team members and their leader. What better time to tap into the habits proven to inspire, motivate and engage used by the most successful leaders?

In our feature article, author Marcel Schwantes outlines three essential skills that the most successful leaders have: Active Listening, Approachability and Recognition.

When leaders use these skills, employees feel heard, safe to share information, and feel appreciated. All while remembering that each employee brings their unique contributions and has their own needs to be met.

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Simple Habits that Separate Successful Leaders From Everyone Else
– habits that may keep your people from jumping ship

by Marcel Schwantes, Leadership from the Core, Inc.com

Bosses come and go like the seasons. Unfortunately, so do many employees, as overwhelming data shows that people don’t leave jobs; they leave their bosses.

Truly good leaders, however, will master the essential skills required to inspire, motivate, and engage human beings through close relationships that lead to results.