Let’s face it there are times when we have to work with some we think we don’t like. It can be very draining and an unproductive situation. Not to forget the hours of thinking about it!

But what is really happening?

We found an article that may help you reframe the situation and help you to control what you can – your own reactions and behaviours. Here are the main points;

  • Reflect on the cause of the tension and how you are responding to it. You can do this on your own or with a trusted friend or coach to help you sort it out. View the situation from your own strengths “lens” as frustration often occurs when we can’t contribute what we are naturally good at.
  • Can you spend some time understanding what the other’s person sees the situation? Seeking to understand others through a strength ‘lens” is a skill that we teach during our coaching and workshop sessions. Get deeply curious and imagine what the other person’s strengths are trying to contribute.
  • Be the problem solver, not the victim or competitor. It’s important to ‘hold space’ for change to happen. Sometimes taking a deep breath and inviting others to share their ‘PeerSpective’ is a good first step.
We are available to work through situations like these! Contact us to schedule a coaching session with either Louann or Stephanie.

We look forward to providing inspiration.

PeerSpectively yours,

Louann and Stephanie

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How to Collaborate with People You Don’t Like

by Mark Nevis, Harvard Business Review

A few months ago, a former client — let’s call her Kacie— called me to check in. I had supported her through her transition when she had joined a prestigious global financial services firm several months prior. Given how deliberately and thoughtfully she’d gone through the process, I expected that our conversation would be about her early wins.