You may know a young person that has faced some challenges through Covid. Like you, we wish to support young people, and we found an interesting article and survey to share with you.

1,200 Gen Z students from 93 countries were surveyed and, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,

  • 55% are considering a new career path
  • 49% want a career that offers a better work/life balance

The survey was conducted by INTO University Partnerships, an independent organization focused on expanding higher education opportunities for students worldwide. According to INTO CEO Olivia Streatfeild,

“The Covid-19 pandemic has radically altered the attitudes and career aspirations of Gen Z. …. Young people are faced with the toughest challenge in a generation to forging their future as the world strives to emerge from the shadows of the pandemic.”

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It sometimes takes a village to raise a young person and we are honored to help.

PeerSpectively yours,

Louann and Stephanie

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Featured Article: Gen Z career aspirations ‘radically altered’ by pandemic - INTO survey

by Vigoo Stacey, The PIE News

Some 55% of under 25s surveyed by international education partnering organisation INTO University Partnerships have suggested the Covid-19 pandemic has led them to reconsider their career paths. The survey of over 1,200 Gen Z students from 93 countries also found that half of them now want a career that offers better work-life balance.“The Covid-19 pandemic has radically altered the attitudes and career aspirations of Gen Z,” said Olivia Streatfeild, CEO of INTO. Read more.