We know that teens are facing a lot of stress during Covid 19. One caring parent asked us to create an online workshop for young women that is built on having them understand their strengths, interests and values and self-reflection to uncover careers of interest.

The week long camp, called Girls in Motion, began with participants completing Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment to identify their Top 5 Strengths. The camp included online activities and videos on the interactive e2grow platform. In addition, we held 3 zoom sessions where participants connected and supported each other as they uncovered their values and forged a plan to explore amazing career possibilities.

We learned how determined our teenagers are to make the world a better place and how knowing their Strengths guides them to find careers that matter.

We are committed to supporting the personal development of youth.

Our participants told us:

“It’s more realistic than what we are taught at school”

“With this camp you get a deeper meaning”

“I thought it was really interesting to find different resources where we can find information about our future and what fits us best”

“I thought it was interesting to find out my strengths and was surprised to see how much they represented me. I’ve thought about what I wanted to do in the future and now I know better, which is nice.”


It was so well-received we are doing it again.

We are offering Youth in Motion online camp for all genders the week of July 13th– 17th, and another Girls in Motion camp July 27th-31st for young women only.

More information and registration

We appreciate you sharing this with your friends and family with teens.

Warm regards,

PeerSpectively yours,

Louann and Stephanie

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