When you haven’t job hunted for years, you may feel your confidence wavering, but you know you have to do something.

You are not alone. HR service provider Morneau Shepell reports that 24% of Canadians surveyed said the Covid-19 pandemic led them to consider a job or career change. Enrollment for career-oriented continuing education courses is up. Each of us has taken time to pause and reflect.

Finding a new job comes with a learning curve. One of the first steps is to name and claim your talents. These are the ways of describing you at your best, making a contribution that energizes you. For example, you may be a natural learner, analyst, or competitor. Our clients are thrilled to recognize how their talents distinguish them from others and how they contribute in ways that no one else can.

Taking an inside-out approach to a job search will help you find opportunities that you would otherwise miss.

We look forward to providing inspiration.

Louann and Stephanie




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