For many of us parents, students and educators this is a key question on our minds. For post-secondary students living in residence, get-togethers with friends and late nights at the library are as important as the studies. However, if students are choosing to stay at home this fall to study, that will mean adapting to a new family dynamic.

At PeerSpectives we were asked to develop a workshop for families that might help smooth out the edges. We have had a lot of fun and success with our Family Games Night workshops, where two or more families meet online to share their strengths, foster appreciation for each other and compete to see who knows the family members best!

Some comments from happy participants.


“It was so interesting to see what strengths each of us had, which ones we shared, and which ones were unique to some. It was such an enlightening experience to share how we each use our strengths. The “how well do you know your family member” game was super fun and a brilliant way to reinforce the knowledge we gained about each other. “ Jennifer Chann 


Two weeks later and I’ve found little snippets regarding our Strengths are still popping into our conversations!  This was a great way to learn more about ourselves and each other as a large extended family and a nuclear family! “ Carolyn Wing 


This is a great opportunity for 2 or more families to bond, share a few laughs and create some good memories together.
Know a family you want to do something fun with ?  Please feel free to share and we’ll organize a time that suits you.


More info and sign up here !   Space is limited.


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Stephanie and Louann 

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