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Last month we ran a BETA Backpack to Briefcase online course and coaching program with a cohort of students ages 14-15. We are delighted to share that these young people are ready, willing, and able to start planning for their future. Students began the program by taking the ClilftonStrengths assessment to identify their Strengths. Then they participated in online interactive activities and weekly coaching sessions to keep the momentum going throughout the program. Workbooks filled up with valuable insights with clues to what a meaningful career looks like for them.

The students became comfortable talking about their strengths, their values, and what careers to explore. They were guided to “dream big” about their future and developed a plan to make it happen.

Most of their parents enrolled in the program’s “High School Parent Participation Option”. Parents participated by first taking the CliftonStrengths assessment to learn about their own Strengths, and then had weekly coaching calls to explore how to support their student’s growth.

Based on the success of the BETA test, we are now offering the program starting on the 15th of every month.

The 4-week program includes:

A paperback copy of the book
Downloadable, fillable PDF workbook
Access to complete the online CliftonStrengths® assessment, to identify Top 5 Strengths
Instruction by Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches with interactive online activities covering the first 5 chapters of the book
4 weekly one-hour individual, private online coaching sessions

Benefits to Participants:

Development of an exploration mindset, building confidence and career path clarity
Deep understanding of your strengths and abilities
Discovery of what you love, what you are good at, what world issues are important to you and what careers you can get paid for
Ways to research educational programs for identified careers of interest

Participants will spend about 1 hour a week to complete the online activities/ book exercises, plus need to be available for one hour of private coaching time per week.

The program costs $850. However, we are offering early access pricing for the Sept 15th PILOT cohort of the program – as we are looking for feedback. If interested we have a promo code to waive $300 off the bundle.

Discounted bundle = $550. Promo code: SeptPilotBundle

High School Parent Participation Option:
We believe parents want to understand their students’ strengths and abilities. We are now offering a High School Parent Participation Option that includes one CliftonStrengths assessment for one parent, plus 3 sessions of private coaching for an additional $150. As part of the pilot, we will be asking for your valuable feedback.

Discounted bundle + HS Parent Option = $700. Promo code: SeptPilotBundleHSP

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Louann and Stephanie

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