Know someone who is unhappy at work but is wary of quitting or changing jobs? We found something that may help.

The concept is to modify or ‘craft’ your job into one that brings out your best so that you get to do more of what you love.

Three ways to craft your job, as described in our feature article, are


  • Task Crafting – changing the tasks that you do
  • Attitude Crafting – changing the way you approach your work
  • Relationship Crafting – changing the number, type, or intensity of people interactions
We believe that each person has unique qualities and motivators. Something that you love to do may be something that your colleague dislikes and would eagerly swap with you.

It’s worth taking the time to reflect on the small changes in your job that will make a big difference. Consider investing in a coaching session with Louann or Stephanie, where we can explore your strengths and what you naturally contribute that makes you come alive. During these sessions, we can brainstorm ways to add preferred tasks and interactions to make your job more engaging and meaningful. Finding that clarity will help you in all aspects of your life.

Email either one of us to set up a session, Louann or Stephanie

Here’s to a life of inspiration,

Louann and Stephanie

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You can turn a job you hate into one you like

by Kristin Wong , Science of Us

Not long ago, Kate Tolo took a walk with her co-worker during their lunch break. “I’m going to quit,” she confided in her colleague. “I hate this and I can’t do it anymore.” Tolo was working for a luxury denim company in Brooklyn, and while her job title was impressive — assistant technical designer — she wasn’t happy with her daily tasks, measuring and pinning jeans for quality assurance. But she didn’t really want to quit; she liked the company and its CEO, and she was wary of starting over somewhere else. She wanted the best of both worlds: to stay at her current job and do something she thoroughly enjoyed.