Harvard-based research from our featured article describes how women systematically provided less favourable assessments of their past performance and potential future ability than equally performing men, regardless of their confidence level or incentive to self-promote.

We understand. Self-promotion sometimes feels risky and unnatural.

However, self-promotion becomes easier and effortless when viewed from a Strengths PeerSpective. When you look through your Strength-lens you will recognize situations where you feel energized and perform well. You gain the vocabulary to self-promote in a natural and compelling way.

Begin to notice situations when you are using your Strengths and share them with your friends, family, colleagues, and us. You’ll get practice self-promoting, and it will become more and more intuitive.

That’s our PeerSpective,

Stephanie and Louann
P.S. Need a nudge to elevate your self-promotion skills? Ask about booking a Confidence-boosting Strengths session.

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Why Don’t Women Self-Promote as Much as Men?

by Christine Exley and Judd Kessler, HBR

The fiscal quarter just wrapped up. Your boss comes by to ask you how well you performed in terms of sales this quarter. How do you describe your performance? As excellent? Good? Terrible?