Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use our strengths to benefit our team at work?

The ADP Research Institute finds the single best predictor of a team’s productivity is whether each team member agrees with the statement:

“I have the chance to use my strengths every day at work.”

This week’s feature article is by Therese Huston, Ph.D., who explains the concept of we-strengths and me-strengths. A we-strength is a strength that elevates the team. A me-strength elevates the individual.

For example, let’s consider Angie. She has a talent for arranging things and loves to arrange her home office space. She has adopted a daily habit of taking 15 minutes to arrange her home office space. This practice energizes her and makes the rest of the day fly by with ease. Her Arranger strength is a me-strength because it energizes her, and the satisfaction comes from within.

Whereas Will has the Strength called Woo – winning others over. It’s a way of energizing groups and making people feel excited. His Woo talent is especially welcome during team meetings and for building excitement around new events. This is a we-strength because it energizes the ‘team.’

Knowing and applying your me-strengths and we-strengths makes life better for you and your team. And as a manager learning how to recognize these strengths is key!

We love hearing from you! What are your me-strengths and we-strengths?

Louann and Stephanie

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The 2 kinds of praise we all need to get at work

by Therese Huston, Ideas.ted.com

When you think about how to praise employees, it helps to realize there are two distinct kinds.

The first is the praise about a strength that moves the entire team forward, or what I call a “we-strength.” Perhaps Courtney has an easygoing confidence that means she can pitch almost any idea and people will love it. A we-strength is a strength that elevates the team or organization. Because Courtney is so persuasive, she never has to pitch the same idea at multiple meetings, plus your team brings in bigger, higher-paying clients.