We found an inspiring article, Leading Change from the Middle, in which Dr. Grant writes about the tug of war between those who want change and those who don’t.

When change meets conflict, there is temptation to force the change and ignore the conflict. Dr. Grant suggests finding the space to meet with those who resist.

Making space for people to talk, and remaining curious about the reasons for resistance comes from appreciating the unique Strength Lens we all bring.

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Stop Complaining about your Colleagues

by Deborah Grayson Riegel, Harvard Business Review

In my coaching work with leaders and teams, I often ask my clients whether they engage in workplace gossip. More often than not, they respond, “of course not!” with a look on their faces that indicates that they are insulted to have been asked such a question.

But when I ask them whether they have ever participated in a “confirmation expedition” — whereby they 1) ask a colleague to confirm their own negative or challenging experience with a third colleague who is not present, or 2) welcome a similar line of confirmation inquiry from another colleague about a third colleague who is not present, most admit that this is, in fact, a regular part of their daily work life.

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