Has Covid 19 caused you to feel like you are in a turbulent situation where you have lost your momentum? The experience of ‘turbulence’ is to be expected, but what is most important is your ability to recover.

Resilience is the capacity of an individual to persevere or recover from setbacks.

If you are having trouble navigating these turbulent times, consider a coaching call with Louann or Stephanie to help you navigate and flex your resilience muscles.

Our featured article is from a recently published study about resilience in the workplace. One of the key findings is that those who love what they do are 3.9x more likely to be highly resilient.

Knowing your Strengths is a window to understanding what you love to do. Consider dedicating some time to a coaching session for a ‘deep dive’ to explore what you love and how you can weave more of that in your life, helping you navigate any situation.

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10 facts about Resilience Executive Summary

by Dr. Mary Hayes, Dr. Frances Chumney, Marcus Buckingham,
The ADP Research Institute®

The ADP Research Institute® designed and developed a Workplace Resilience Scale to understand how resilience plays a role in the world of work. Read the executive summary here that highlights 10 key findings including that Trust is crucial part of resilence.