Our year started on a high note with our “Chart Your Future” workshop for a group of bright and talented young adults. The workshop focused on them understanding their strengths and talents, and looking at how that mapped to future careers. We want everyone to have a career that is fulfilling, purpose-driven, and financially rewarding.

We found a report worth sharing with you. It’s called Humans Wanted: How Canadian youth can thrive in the age of disruption, written by RBC. The report, based on a year-long research project, is based on one of the biggest labour force data projects in Canada.

According to the Humans Wanted report, page 3:

An assessment of 20,000 skills rankings across 300 occupations and 2.4 million expected job openings show an increasing demand for foundational skills such as critical thinking, co-ordination, social perceptiveness, active listening, and complex problem solving.



We are on a career journey together. The good news is we can equip ourselves with these foundational skills by investing in our personal development. Understanding our talents and strengths and those of others builds our critical thinking, active listening and social perceptiveness abilities.

We look for the best articles for you, and are interested in what you are reading, too.

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