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Our featured article suggests that employees need opportunities to feel fulfilled, rather than feeling happy. We found this idea intriguing.

Happiness is described by psychologists as temporary state, whereas fulfillment is longer lasting. Fulfillment is about having hope and a plan for achieving our desires. Companies that value fulfillment tend to invest in their employees’ growth and development.

The ability to achieve a sense of fulfillment is important, now more than ever. It’s an essential life skill, and our work is focussed on helping our clients of all ages achieve that.

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Stop Trying to Make Your Employees Happy. Start Thinking About Their Fulfillment Instead

by Emma Brudner, Inc.

The increased focus on employee happiness makes perfect sense in a world where review sites like Glassdoor and Comparably exist. Social proof is a powerful driver, and candidates often rely on testimonials to make decisions when they have several offers on the table. Employee surveys are now the rule instead of the anomaly they once were, and executives pore over the answers to questions such as “How happy are you at the company?”