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The latest research from Gallup show that the quality of managers is the single biggest factor in an organization’s long-term success. Companies with great managers have higher employee engagement, make more money, retain valuable employees, and are a more attractive workplace.

The role of manager is evolving from Boss to Coach, and from focussing on weakness to Strengths. Using CliftonStrengths helps managers understand and motivate each team member bringing out the best of each individual.

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The Economy’s Last Best Hope: Superstar Middle Managers

by the Wall Street Journal

Anemic growth, millennial malaise, you name it—blame a lack of inspiring bosses.
In 2018, the U.S. economy benefited from historically low unemployment, brisk spending, an aggressive tax stimulus and hordes of game-changing advancements in technology. This singular combination of tailwinds yielded a growth rate of 2.9%.

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