Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert? When it comes to knowing ourselves the Myers Briggs assessment is often the first assessment we take that assigns that personality trait.

While the CliftonStrengths assessment does not measure introversion and extroversion, there are some correlations. For instance:

– The strongest correlation with Extraversion are with the Communication, Woo, Activator, Positivity, and Arranger Strengths.*

– The strongest correlation with Introversion are with Deliberative, Consistency, Harmony, Analytical, and Intellection Strengths.*

Introverts listen patiently, and often see what others don’t see. Introverts make their words matter and can make an important difference to our collective future.

We want everyone to deeply appreciate who they are, which is why we love working with Strengths.

Here is the BBC’s beautiful short animation on the Quiet Power of Introverts.

We hope you enjoy it!

Louann and Stephanie
* Source: Asplund, J., Agrawal, S., et al. The CliftonStrengthsfinder® 2.0 Technical Report: Development and Validation. Updated March 2014.



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