Are you in lockdown with your family? Yes, we love our families. But being in lockdown together can bring out the best and the worst of us. It can be hard navigating a shared space 24/7 while trying to move ahead with our own life. None of us expected this ‘family staycation’ to last this long.

  • How will your family remember this time?
  • Will you look back at this family lockdown time with any regrets?
  • What can you do to make this experience even better?

We are facilitating Family Lockdown Games Night Workshops, so that families can make the most of this time together. The 90-minute workshop is designed to help families not only survive but thrive.

Each family member takes the CliftonStrengths Assessment in advance, and during the workshop, family members experience how their Strengths show up in the family dynamic. We provide a family team grid and explore how the family operates as a team. We use games to determine “Who knows the Family best?” to cement the learning and have fun together.

We’ve met some amazing families through this workshop! They are smart, articulate, fun, successful, and rise to the challenge of the workshop activities. Post-workshop, families report a greater sense of appreciation for each other, and have insights to prevent frustrations from happening.

This is an opportunity to build a positive family legacy. Register here!

Warm regards,

Stephanie and Louann

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