Leader as Coach

Managers often over-rate their abilities to lead conversations around employee performance. Does that surprise you? A Harvard Business Review article by Herminia Ibarra and Anne Scoular helps unpack what it takes to be less ‘tell and sell’ and more coach-like.... Read More

The Secret to Becoming an Inclusive Leader

Throwing a mix of people together to work together and accomplish great things doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a leader who knows how to bring out the best in each individual. A Harvard Business Review article by Juliet Bourke... Read More

The Quiet Power of Introverts

Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert? When it comes to knowing ourselves the Myers Briggs assessment is often the first assessment we take that assigns that personality trait. While the CliftonStrengths assessment does not measure introversion and extroversion, there... Read More

Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution

One of the highlights this past week was kicking-off a new mentor-mentee program for post-secondary students and their industry mentors. The room was full of enthusiasm and attendees learned about their strengths and how to bring forth the ‘best of... Read More

Humans Wanted: Foundational Skills Needed

Our year started on a high note with our “Chart Your Future” workshop for a group of bright and talented young adults. The workshop focused on them understanding their strengths and talents, and looking at how that mapped to future... Read More

PeerSpectives Celebrates!

We at PeerSpectives are over-the-moon grateful for the opportunities to serve the many fabulous people and organizations that share our vision of connecting people to the value they bring. This has been our first year of business, and we are... Read More

Talented People Who Dismiss Their Strengths

We found this fabulous Harvard Business Review article showing how Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO of the NFL, uses Strengths to unleash the power of her employees. Effective leaders recognize talent, and occasionally have to convince their team members that their Strengths... Read More

Affirmations to Develop Your Career

We at PeerSpectives Consulting enjoy looking at different perspectives. Here is an article on how African-American leaders prosper and achieve incredible success in situations where they feel underestimated, under-appreciated and under-resourced. Laura Roberts from University of Virginia, and Thomas Murphy... Read More

Self-Awareness is Key !

What does it take to create a culture of cooperation and productivity? We found a brilliant article that references Gillian Davis’ consulting work with tech companies such as Pinterest and Spotify. Here are the 5 Tips – Note the first... Read More

Great Leaders Have a Higher Purpose

People tend to feel loyal to managers and companies who support them in their career and life ambitions.   They feel seen, appreciated, and on purpose. Our featured article, by Harvard Business Review author Kristi Hedges, outlines 5 areas of questioning to... Read More